Lunestedt Big Kornmap


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Dear Ls com I hereby present you my Kornmap to dispose me has to make it just annoyed corn concerning why I got the kornmap created.

Grain for sale

You can not sell rape and sugar beet. The other grain can you invest in pig breeding.

What’s Hot on the hof?.

There are 8 silos

Cow silos, grain elevator 1 of Mourice many halls etc


There is 1x 8x corn silo silo And be beet and patatoes have even loaded and unloaded.!


There are pigs, cows, chickens, sheep (The wool sells itself!) Milk just as evt) Without trucks)

The map Supports

Barley, canola, corn, silo, wheat.

The map is a direct downloard is I only have the user play, fun and have to wait ned every 3 hours!.

YOUR NEEDS Patch 2.2


I now wish ch much fun on my map Logfehler should not there be 3 but I have not discovered more actually.


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