LowLoaderBIG V 1.0


lowloaderbig (1) lowloaderbig (2) lowloaderbig (3) lowloaderbig (4) lowloaderbigHere at the request of LowLoaderBIG LS13 …

The trailer has adapted NO real model and length for Grimme !

* Attacher keeps everything firmly FAST what one makes of it!

* Bel v3.1

* washable

To fold up ramps *

* All-wheel steering

* Loading goes “backwards” best … ( as usual when loaders in LS)

! … , the ” charge ” should not even be moving to unload , trailer disconnect easily … !

* Log: clean

Have fun with it … TheSecretLife

It is forbidden to upload this mod again , not even in modified form !

Please use the original download link!



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