Lamborghini Grand Prix 75 Target V 1.0

lamborghini-grandprix-75-target lamborghini-grandprix-75-target-1 lamborghini-grandprix-75-target-2 lamborghini-grandprix-75-target-3 lamborghini-grandprix-75-target-4 lamborghini-grandprix-75-target-51


-Year: 1995


Transmission: 40/40 speed transmission

-Fuel tank capacity: 70 liters


IC Controlled (doors, windows)

Lenses (Real Lights)

Work light

-More Realistic Mod


Swing axle

-Height adjustable hitch on Num8 / 7

-Foldable Front Linkage on the 6 key

Co-driver scripts

Hand Animation


Model und Textur Lamborghini: Player1
Hauer Fronthydraulik Modder: Player1
Hauer Fronthydraulik aus Deutz D06 Pack

Lenkanimation: Lechu und Aranea
Frontlader Model und Textur: MB 3D Modelling

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