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To adjust the traction capability of your tractor you know that you need to add or remove weight. To ensure the correct ballast in relation to the task at hand, it should be possible to adjust the amount of weight quickly and safely. FLEXIMASS is ballast management solution for the 21st century.

Simple, easy and fast

FLEXIMASS hooks up and unhooks effortless, and without tools, to the front or rear 3-point hitch depending on model.

Fuel savings

FLEXIMASS allows for very easy adding or removing of weight. Hence, by removing weight during light work or transport, unnecessary soil compaction is avoided and fuel consumption is reduced. Fuel savings compared to wheel weights during speed change alone is 8% – 9%.

More savings

FLEXIMASS can easily be moved from one tractor to another. There is no need to purchase specific weights for each tractor.


Compatible with Cat.3N (front) or Cat.3W/Cat.4N (rear) regardless of tractor make. Use EASYMASS weights or use a LAFORGE Weight Frame for standard tractor weights.


Fa. La Forge France
Modell/Texturen Timber131
Ingame LS Landtechnik, Timber131
Idee Ls Landtechnig

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