Kuhn SPV Comfort12 pig v 1.0


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Here’s the game specific Kuhn SPV 12 Comfort, Comfort converted to SPV 12 pig specifically for the pig and the BIG Haupeltshofenmap who owns a potato and sugar beet storage at the pig farms.

In order to obtain an optimum result in the mast pig
Kuhn has developed the SPVComfort12 pig. This was the primary
Bid to use the most optimal feed for the pigs.
These are potatoes, sugar beet and maize, which in
optimum mixing ratio as quickly as possible growing up
ensure the porkers

Capacity at maximum compression 29,000 l (a 7-day ration)

Maintenance costs: 320 € per day

Price € 149000LS


Potato, Sugarbeet, Maize

Potatoes, sugar beets, grain maize

Have fun with it


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