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So people ,

it has taken a while longer but
Now the time has come – I put my KremperMapV5 to download!

In anticipation ; READ answered QUESTIONS !

What ‘s come to this :

Tramlines ( of bullying Pope )
Fertilizer sales (of cyber11 )
fertilizer warehouse
Digital display for Silofüllstände (of Blacky_BPG )
Fields purchase from the store ( buying symbols of Chef )
Other bridges across the canal at the Harbour ( bridges from M & J- Modding )
City at the BGA has walk get ( footpaths of tuner)
Road network at the port added ( streets of Fatian )
redesigned courtyard
New cow pasture
Compound feed plant (of skydancer )
Slurry and manure mod it does not have to mod in the mods folder ( DeerePower )
WoolPaletteCollector (of Marhu )
MapSiloBand v 2.5.2 ( by Marhu )
Street lights (of Weltenbauer )
Barriers (of timely )
Garbage cans (of icemann3072 )
City buildings v 1.0 ( by borutcebulj )
Wholesale butchery (of Tropy )
Two silos (of Katsuo )



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