John Deere S650 v 1.0


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After two years of hard work , the firs S series combine is ready for Farming Simulator.This is a medium-small size combine recomended for smaler farmers that want rentabiliti and productiviti.

This package contains:

John Deere S650

John Deere 625R


ZUNR Header trailer 300

This Pack contains features such as

– Front and rear lights work, besides tube light, all activated with the “F” key

-The ability to leave or straw

-The head contains corn animacioon in fruit, also also fold it.

-Combine with this lively work and transport position.

-Driving Particle Systems

-Rean Straw and Chopped Straw Particle systems

-Interactive Control and Light

-Manual Ignition-Buyable Rape system

-Grain Header have the ability to use Srop Ricers

-Dinamic unload particles-Indoor Sounds


Model, Texture and ingame : Julian11


– AnimatedPolias
– author: Burner

– Class Balle-AttachAble Tippers
– author Geri-G

– Specialisation for RPMDisplayControl / RPMDisplayControl
– SpeedDisplayControl
– Autor Tobias F.

– Straw Specialization for Combines
– author Templaer

– Specialization for ThreshingCounter
– Specialization for CustomForces
– Specialization for DrivingParticleSystem
– Specialization for DynamicUnloading
– Specialization for ESLimiter
– Specialization for FruitParticleSystem
– Specialization for IndoorSound
– Specialization for an interactive control button
– Specialization for Lanes
– Specialization for PowerShaft
– author: Manuel Leithner

– toggleAnimParts
– Beleuchtung v3.1.1
– Author: Sven777b

– @author: Xentro ([email protected])
– @version: v3.0
– @date: 2012-10-26
– @history: v1.0 – inital implementation
–v1.1 – 28/10/12 – Changed in to non-global class – JoXXer (BJR-Modding)
–v1.1.2 – 01/11/12 – Added valuable changes from MI 3.0.1 – JoXXer (BJR-Modding)[wpfilebase tag=file id=3038 /]


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