John Deere 8400


john-deere-8400--19 (1) john-deere-8400--19


  Move Attacher Up             Key Pad 7

  Move Attacher Down           Key Pad 4

  BEL3LEFT                     Key Pad 1

  BEL3WARN                     Key Pad 2

  BEL3RIGHT                    Key Pad 3

  Rear work lights on/off      Key Pad 6

  Front work lights on/off     Key Pad 5

  Turn PTO on/off              Key Pad 0

  Turn engine on/off           Key Pad enter

  Open/close Door              Key Pad 9

  Open/close RearWindow        Key Pad 8

  Weights and Duals            Key 5  multiple times for duals, wheel weights, and front weight


Original Mod: Knagsted
Textures: Knagsted
Model: Knagsted[wpfilebase tag=file id=1435 /]


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