International Harvester Series 86


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The Series 86 tractors were introduced in 1976 by International Harvester as a part of the The entire series was built on a modular frame and featured unprecedented comforts, powerful engines and plenty of torque. Production ended in 1981, but the series remains a favourite on many farms to this day.

The IH Series 86 package consists of:
– International Harvester 986 – 105 hp
– International Harvester 1086 – 130 hp
– International Harvester 1086 Tri-Stripe – 130 hp 4WD
– International Harvester 1486 – 146 hp 4WD
– International Harvester 1586 – 160 hp
– Humbaur trailer for transporting dual wheels.

Notable features on these tractors include:
– Dual wheel option: the wheels fit on all tractors.
– Removable front weights.
– Interactive Controls.


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