Gaz 3309


fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_51_23 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_51_32 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_51_36 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_52_06 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_52_36 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_53_38 fsScreen_2013_11_10_12_53_46Mods Management:
To operate rotary and emergency signals (Klav.I 1 2 3).
Put extra board silage (Klav.I l).

Mods errors:
There are no errors.

Mods include:
Two types of the body.


Modell: Max1985
Wheels: JAWA
Realization in FS2013: ANDREI1994[wpfilebase tag=file id=1310 /]


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