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Juhu Modhoster community the time has come at last is so far advanced that they can play on their Bauernland is the map !

So after a long construction period and repairs UDN test the map I have now decided that it runs quite well as far as udn the log error -free therefore I give it finally free to Dl

The Bauernlandmap :

Joha the map enstand purely only in my head and I have much time left this kleien idyllic world to create so I have some nice built as Forexample pig , Large BGA, 2nd courtyard various halls and various details on animals etc will find their determined.

so my by and large, testers gefiihl the map quite well and have also made me a lot of trouble to build it but it has also made fun

but that you will now see themselves as they respond to you and like.

Inalte :

You can still 6 more benefit from the standart fruits such as

Spelled, millet , oats, rye , soybeans, and sunflowers

and can sell at the point of sale where there are some

Sheep, cows, Hühne , pigs you also have to bewirthschaften yet to do so to the lot .

Of course I also Darang edacht the Fahrzeugzürücksetzen with installed so if irh makes the spawn the equipment tractors in the yard.

You kleien to medium sized fields that you can bewirthschaften her and to harvest the additional fruits wirds a small Modpack give with Drescher, cutting , and related PDAFIX .

You can get started right away to bewirthschaften everything Graß on the map is mähbar thus a lot to do for cattle and BGA .

Unfortunately, the PDA agree not sympole why that can not be ändenr I do not know nocht but that should be ersmal nich allsoschlimm !

On the card is registered where the sales points are UDN widths UDN yards

So easy to find.

The map can record on her well as single player or multiplayer as well .

The map was created with Giants 5.05.3 Built

Furthermore, I wish you all the those who play on the MAPM much fun auif of farmland map . lg ReneFarm


The ones who should play the map to set your graphics to “LOW ” to specify some questions about it come pixelation unfortunately do not know yet what it is !

The mod pack where I mithinzufüge as an extra DL includes a NewHolland Drescher and cutter UDN PTAFIX with where the map has been tested !

Not all objects have built- trees Collision drausen so watch out !

Since many details were installed graphics etx there is a very large file with 369MB unfortunately I was not able to slim down but it would have pretty good run on your pc ‘s!

So that’s it from my side here UDN enjoys the idyllic landscape of bauernlandmap and I wish you much fun ReneFarm

and fals you thing you notice errors moderately etc drop me a mail at Modhoster .

And a big thank you to Demetz Walter that he has helped me in various schwirikeiten Thank you!

And also thanks to the modders veilen ect have asked Disposition super Gebäute !

so now on to much fun at work LG ReneFarm !


power74 de
Schilder by ClaasHof

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