Evers Pack v 2.0 [MP]


Evers Pack

Evers Pack

Evers Pack

Original link [Uploaded.net]

The Evers cultivators are Known for long durability and high value.

Evers Bali:

– Working width: 3.0m

– Price: € 3,950

– Maintenance: 25 € / day

– € 10 maintenance cost to switch the tines

Evers Welsh:

– Working width: 3.8m

– Price: € 4,950

– Maintenance: 29 € / day

Previously the werewolf mods released apart, but now combined in a pack, the changes made were:

– Changed color

– Added particleSystems

– Added changeable parts (only on the Bali)


Model, Texture, Ingame: Sanderrr
changeableParts lua: Stefan Maurus


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