Deutz Fahr 6190 Power Shift v 1.0 MR


Deutz Fahr 6190 Power Shift

Deutz Fahr 6190 Power Shift

Deutz Fahr 6190 Power Shift

To demonstrate my version of a MoreRealistic gears I have the Deutz Fahr 6190 with Alökonsole by Stefan Maurus rebuilt. The original is based on the normal Deutz Fahr TTV 6190 of Giants.

But be careful: This tractor does not have continuously variable transmission (= TTV), the gear types T1, T2 and T3 are disabled. Instead, here the 24/24 Powershift transmission with 6 gears and four powershift steps is simulated. The load switching stages can be switched automatically. When changing gear, the clutch is automatically controlled. In this case, the tensile force is interrupted. You should already decide on the right gear for field work or on the mountain so.

My gear shift mrGearboxMogli.lua script uses the following keys:

E / M: hoch-/runterschalten
+ / #: Break
Ö: Auto / Manual / Neutral
-: Clutch
Spacebar: FORWARD-

This script is designed for keyboard operation. The speed is automatically controlled via “E-Gas”. When changing gear, gas is withdrawn automatically.

If any other modders are interested in this transmission, then they are welcome. Technically, you have to install the script as specialization, take and as in Deutz, and in the Vehicle xml sections and must be inserted. If you have questions just send me a message. I can also advise when you create the section you.


– Das Modell stammt von Giants
– Die Alökonsolte hat Stefan Maurus bebaut.
– mrGearboxMogli.lua basiert auf mrGearbox2.lua von Dural


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