Cultor 500 v 1.0 [MP]


Cultor 500

Cultor 500

Cultor 500

Since there are many more tractors than attachments for MR I once dug and looked into my Modordnern what I still think so .. So I have the Cultor for MR brought into the LS13 ..


Grubbing! Adjusts to the multitudes from when you are dependent him.


Heavy cultivator working width about 3m. At least required power 210hp it be but recommended 250hp.

Data for Mod:

Objects in the i3d: 4
Vram Usage: 2.89MB
Size of Zip: 0.77MB
Polys: under 8000 including collisions


Model, texture, model eicher
Ingame: model eicher, fend2000
LS13: model eicher


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