Crop Storage Sheds

Crop Storage Sheds

Here you have 3 grain storage sheds. One for maize and canola, one for barley and wheat and one for sorghum and baleable corn.Your grain is stored under roof and can be loaded with a frontloader or from the grain auger for each grain. Also included with these sheds is my rootcrop storage building. It too can be loaded either by frontloader or by conveyor. These buildings must be placed in GE. Since they are four seperate units you can place them easier in smaller spaces, thus not requiring one large open flat area. The sorghum and corn shed can be used for other crops by changing the trigger and garin plane images to suit yourself


Model JohnDeer1952
Tetures CG Textures Giants
Grain Planes jb3pc4sale
Auger Model & Texture – ThompsonM06
Developed & released by LazyMod Studios FSD

Download mod:


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