CP Curse MIG Map


cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle1 cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle2 cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle3 cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle4 cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle5 cp-curse-mig-map-madelgermany-region-celle6

+) Abfahrkurse all fields to Hofsilo (Full Auto)

+) Abfahrkurse all fields for BGA silo 1,2,3,4 (Full Auto)

+) Potatoes and turnips leave all fields for Hofsilo (Full Auto)

+) Selling rates of all fruits at all points of sale ( Fully Automatic)

+) With Trailer loose straw shut all the fields for food storage (Full Auto)

+) Fertilizing all fields of artificial fertilizers or syringe Hoftrigger (Full Auto)

+) Mowing lawns with Krone Big M500 13.2 m, 12.5 m swaths and shut to the yard and feed storage silos 1,2,3 (Full Auto)

Attached +) Automatically filling in all courses ( where images are placed tank )


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