Claas Lexion 570 Montana v 1.0 [MP]


Claas Lexion 570 Montana v 1.0

Claas Lexion 570 Montana v 1.0

Claas Lexion 570 Montana v 1.0

Hi there,

because of unsererm village someone has a Claas Lexion 570 Montana’s, so I have made one for LS: DD

He has a lot of features:

eg Strohhächsler, swathing, …

and if you want to empty it, you have the key: press: D

I wish you much fun with it


Lexion 550:

Modell: Stehbeni, Nickel77, MF2, RA-Modding, Shangri66, Michi77
Textur: Stehbeni, VMarci, Michi77, RA-Modding, Mobius, MF2
Ingame: Stehbeni, VMarci, Michi77, 619Tobias619
Script: SFM, Knagsted, Michi77, FIAT80-90DT, Bluebaby210, webalizer


Modell: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Textur: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Ingame: Siwus, Michi77, MF2
Script: SFM, Michi77

Conspeed 6-75FC:

Modell: Burner, Michi77, MF2
Textur: Michi77, MF2
Ingame: Burner, Michi77
Script: SFM, Michi77

Claas Schneidwerkswagen:

Modell: xXMalleXx, Michi77
Textur: xXMalleXx
Ingame: xXMalleXx, Michi77
Script: SFM, Michi77


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