Claas Lexion 420 and C540 v 3.0 [MP]


Claas Lexion 420 and C540

Claas Lexion 420 and C540

Claas Lexion 420 and C540

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Hello everyone. Today I present to you combine, Claas Lexion 420.
I introduced many changes. Below you can see a description of the function. Combine is programmed again. I hope that you will like my version.

Read what I wrote below and enjoy the game! 🙂

Claas lexion 420

– Opened grain tank -> Press KP 9
– Rotating Rotor
– Tires get dirty
– New Particle System
– New Standard Lighting
– Straw Spec -> Press M
– The dust from the tires on the field
– Operating Hours & ES Limiter
– Manual Ignition -> Press KP Enter
– Autosreer -> Press X
– Handbrake -> Prees space
– ThreshingCounter
– Real Exhaust Particle System
– And a few others like new wheels and changes in texture …

Claas C540

Cutter has fruit animations and Extension for Rapeseed.

Important Informations:

1. Engine Power: 220 HP
2. Grain tank capacity: 8000 l
3. Daily Upkeep: 210 || Price: 80000
4. Fuel tank capacity: 500




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