Cat 345B Pack v 2.1





Cat 345B Pack v 2.1

at 345B Excavator version 2.1 “Heavy”

In this version the weight (mass) has been increased to “190” to compensate for the track movement while turning the turret, I also slowed down the movement so it is more controled. The main arm keys have been inverted “n – Key” = down and “j – key” = up.

All credit for the Mouse Control Function goes to ieg53i, without his efforts this release would not have been possible, thank you ieg53i. I would also like to thank Ghost78 for his support that made this possible

So here is the cat 345B Excavator and shovel Version 2.0
You need to unzip Cat_345B& and place the two files inside into your mod folder.

Changes in V2.0:

The log file is error free (see attached picture)

Mouse Control
Fixed Lights
Textures adjusted
Shovel capacity = 10,000 Litres
Fruits that it can handle: wheat | barley | rape | maize | potato | sugarBeet | grass_windrow | dryGrass_windrow | wheat_windrow | barley_windrow | silage | forage | chaff | manure

NOTE: Some items could not be completed,
1. Hydraulic sound when using mouse control does not work, the problem is to complicated to fix and wil not be resolved.
2. I attempted to rescale the mod but this created many other issues so the overall size is about about a metre over what it should be in real life.

None of the items above cause any errors or effect performance in any way.



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