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This text is translated by Google Translate because I’m French.

Hi all,
first of all a big thank you to the author, Knagsted, who gave me permission to change its mod.

To allow you easy grip, I’ll do a quick summary of the keys and their functions.

To start, purchase, I suggest you reduce indoor camera to the max, just to get a better angle of view of the instruments. Once this is set, it will not be necessary to repeat unless you redeem. To do this, switch to internal view, then press “;” to be “Camera Mode”. Setting buttons appear (5,6,7 and Y).

When you’re in the field, we will have set the machine to the culture concerned. First select the drummer of the machine with the “NUMPAD ENTER” key, then internal view and see the right side, the digital display tachometer thereof up to 1050. This value is increased with “NUMPAD 7 “and decreases with” NUMPAD 9 “.

Here are the settings:

– Wheat 1050
– Barley and rice: 950
– Corn and sunflower: 800
– Rape: 1000

If you do not respect these values, your performance will not be optimal.

When you set the towers drummer account, press “” to select the type of grain. You will see that there is a button at 4 positions that will this selection, it is below the digital display. The selection is one at the bottom left and the selection is 4 at the top right of the button.

Here are the settings:

– Wheat: 1
– Barley and rice: 2
– Corn and sunflower: 3
– Rape: 4

Before starting to harvest a crop that will straw, you must remove the mill or leave if you do not want. By default, the mill is in place but if you want to remove it, you must leave the combine, getting behind the mill and press B to remove it. It will be impossible to remove the mill if the hopper has a culture that does not straw, and if you remove it and begin to harvest a crop that gives no straw, then the mill will be set up all alone.

Next step, start the mower, with the standard “B” button, you can adjust the reel height (5, 6), depth (F6, F9) and speed (F11, F12).

When you harvest, look at the HUD at the bottom left of the screen, there is a line “% Loss”, if your settings are correct according to culture should remain at 0%, if this is not the case this figure will change.

Above the display tachometer drummer, it will display the RPM, this data is a function of speed, if you do not use the ESLimiter, Controller 1 is set at 6 km / h, the 2-8 km / h (speed worker) and 3-30 km / h.

If you want to display the speed in place of the rev counter, press “”

The top cover of the hopper opens and closes with “K” and it opens automatically when the capacity exceeds 6200 kg.

The mirrors are activated with “R”. To adjust, you have to independently select by pressing “;” and adjust with the specified keys (5, 6, 7, and Y).

Indicators and warnings, with standard “NUMPAD 1, 2 and 3”

Working lights front and rear with “NUMPAD 4 and 5”

Spot Drain with “NUMPAD 6”

Panel agricultural convoy appears with “NUMPAD 8”

On emptying of the hopper, it is done manually with “N”. Be careful if you are not above the bucket, the grain falls to the ground and be lost. If the bucket is full, before parting with it, disable the screw “N” if the grain will continue to flow to the ground qd will grab more below. There are 3 green lights inside the cab, the first lights when the hopper is 80%, the second illuminates when the nozzle exit and the third is lit when the drain screw is turned .

On the animation of different cultures on the cutterbar and header, they may be different from your crops because they are installed on the breaker bar and have nothing to do with textures textures maps. For you to edit using your own if it bothers you.

On the display with a needle and green area, this is the best performance, it will depend on the settings mentioned above but also the cutting width exploited in culture.

The cutter bar and the header does not fold, we must use the truck for transport. 2 are fixed on using the “A” button. To detach the cut, select the icon of the truck and not the cutting and press “A”.

The combine is 100% functional solo but has concerns for multi guests. If a guest wants to use, it is the host of the party to do any settings beforehand. Same for emptying the hopper, because the manual script, the guest can not empty, the trick is to hire a worker who will unload in his place.
For the rest, you find out, I translated everything that is possible for maximum understanding.

Additional information:

Compared to the 2011 version, the following changes were made:
– Removed unsupported script “Autopilot” with the worker.
– Removed script “hydrostat” Functional solo but generates errors in multiplayer.

Changes made by myself:

– Added greenstar, passenger, dust particles, crushing crops, washable, animation cutterbar and header, reorganization of all the lights and color changing lighting, changing textures of all flat in the hopper and particles discharge nozzle, set the machine to its actual characteristics (weight, dimensions, capacity tank and hopper), agricultural convoy panel, indicators and warnings, reversing lights and brake lights, translation.

Combine 100% functional solo. For use in multiplayer, the host must make all adjustments before the guest can harvest.
For emptying the hopper, the host must do or must hire a worker time to empty, in which case it must be off the machine and stand in front of the cutter bar to avoid advancing (that’s where I desactivated the ability to multi)

Have fun with it.


РFS 2011: Mod̬le and Scripts by Knagsted
– Conversion FS13 by @lex with permission of author


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