Bavarian Forest


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Here is the second Version of the Bavarian Forest Map

Please read the description, so you know which errors are corrected etc.

Also you will find links that you need , or which might be helpful to you .

The following has been improved / changed :

Pigs and cattle breeding new

Some trees are now on the ground

New trees have been added

On Nebenhof between silage silos of the trigger is on the ground

On Kuhhof the straw was replaced by a new one with crane

In the BGA a separate outlet has been added

On Kuhhof the manure conveyor belt has been replaced.

The digital display now works for silage .

Manure and MistMod now work


Hochwasser simulation by TMT (HatzFan)/marhu aus Wiesenfurt – Land
Zuchtanlagen by Marhu
Staudamm by Farmerahner
Futterlager by Ganelcer
Hühnerstall by Ganelcer
Gewächshaus by agrorepa
Hallensets by ni_modding
Ampeln by Bluebaby210
Industrieanlage by LWS Terminator
Steinmauer by majo84
Schweinestall by Rubiks
Förderbänder by Marhu
InfoTrigger by [FSM]Webby
BaleToManure by Rafftnix
WaterMod by Marhu
Halle mit Kran by Alex2009
RinderMast 1.0 von Ls-2013Modding
SchweineMast von Marhu[wpfilebase tag=file id=1160 /]


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