Additional clutch Titanium


zusatzkupplung-titanium zusatzkupplung-titanium1 zusatzkupplung-titanium2 zusatzkupplung-titanium3 zusatzkupplung-titanium4 zusatzkupplung-titanium5 zusatzkupplung-titanium6

Here I have two additional couplings in the package. A clutch for Farmall from the titanium addon and one for the large Case IH Magnum. These couplings broaden the tractor to a normal trailer hitch, the Farmall to an additional normal trailer hitch front. Everything is delivered on a pallet. The other couplings beleiben free. One could thus at the same time Farmall a three point machine, a trailer in front, a rear and a trailer unit or trailer on the ball coupling. New texture added.


Idee, Bau und Textur by Gnescher

Palettenmod by ?[wpfilebase tag=file id=1149 /]


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