7 SKIN Kroeger SRB35 SRMT 70 v 1.0


7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-70 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-701 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-703 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-706 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-707 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-708 7-skin-kroeger-srb35-srmt-709

English Instructions

For Kroeger Agroliner SRMT 70/AT/18:

1. Open file Kroeger_SRMT_70(_AT/18).zip.

2. Go to folder Textures in the windows zip.

3. Open file .zip you favorite skin.

4. Drag and drop file SRB35_diffuse.dds the zip favorite skin to folder textures in the file file Kroeger_SRMT_70(_AT/18).zip.

5. Close file zip Kroeger_SRMT_70(_AT/18).zip and answer yes for update.

6. Enjoy!

For SRB35 in the game (no valid for multiplayer):

1. Go to… x:\programfiles\Farming Simulator 2013\data\vehicles\trailers\kroeger\..

2. Extract favorite skin in this folder and yes in reewrite.

2.1. Better make a backup of the original file SRB35_diffuse.dds, only rename to .ddsbak

3. Enjoy!

P.D.: Included the original file SRB35_diffuse.dds.


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