Game Fix v 2.7



Game fixes, substantial corrections
– AI trucks will be transporting all types of goods available in the game
– Traffic Control truck trailer no longer shows up as the red version only
– Gooseneck chassis is shown in the green variant , while the freight gooseneck now evident in all 3 colors
– DAF XF Super Space Cab released later than the Space Cab Plus
– Corrected the name of the Iveco Stralis cab and Renault Magnum
– Transmission name corrections for Iveco Stralis , MAN TGX and Renault Trucks
– Adds missing stock exhaust on the AI ​​DAF Trucks
– Adds missing side mirror on the AI ​​Renault , Scania and Volvo Trucks
– AI have different truck cab and chassis configurations
– Fixes missing iodine of bricks – chemical and fuel tank trailer
– DAF XF stock exhaust not . Conflict with the right exhaust
– Transport vehicles that are not set to appear yet rarely appear in a particular country
– Cheapest Iveco Stralis truck on the dealer comes with side mirrors as standard as all other trucks
– MAN LHD dashboard ” 30 ” and ” 50 ” will not disappear kph readings at night
– Opentop pendant shade bugs
– Concrete added for freight transport.
– Manufactured parked trailer instead use the detailed model as there is a bug where the trailer does not modify to a higher quality model when it addressed by the player
– MAN badge and MB engines fixed ( EssentialsGameFixesManMB.scs ) , fixes MAN engine badges and name of the MB Actros
– MAN badge :
– Badges format 4×2 chassis used (original) , 6×2 and 6×4 uses
– MB engines :
– 4×2 chassis used 18xx motors ( original) , used 6×2 and 6×4 25xx 26xx motors used motors. There are no performance or price differences , only the name .
– Real logos ( EssentialsRealLogos.scs ) , a real logo for the game
– Adds real logos Mercedes -Benz C -Class , Opel Astra and Volvo XC90
– Majestic changes in Mercedes Benz
– Changes Gestone , continent and Goodyear tires in Bridgestone, Continental and Goodyear tires
– Changes blacksmith BigCargo trailers Schmitz Cargo Bull logos
– Changes to Scout Cars Škoda Auto
– Real gas station
– Real logos for heavy machinery
– Krone Profi Liner Cooliner trailers and now the crown livery
– Brick Trailer logos Beger to Berger, Schwar Muller was changed to black Muller
– Trailers mod ( EssentialsTrailers.scs ) , adds unused trailer for the game
– Container , Open Top and Reefer trailer will also be available for transport


Pete379jp, lonestranger, Diago Sofrano, zeroniner, Yusuf Bolukbasi, LT- Schal, lonestranger

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